Public Policy Making and Analysis

07 / 04 / 2020

Within the project “Public Policy Making and Analysis” 23 lifelong learning courses in the field of public policy analysis were designed and implemented at three universities; University of Novi Sad, University of Belgrade and University of Niš. These courses were created to respond to the need to strengthen analytical capacities in the public sector, as well as to address the lack of an academic program that is needed for quality work in public policy. Short cycles of interdisciplinary programs were created as a product of curriculum development, capacity building of universities and other actors in the public, expert, and private sectors. The participants of these courses were postgraduate students as well as employees in the private and public sectors. The civil servants who attended the classes are the future bearers of changes in the modernized public service with a focus on citizens.

In addition to the training programs created, textbooks were prepared and published within the project, a public policy portal was created and a network of public policy experts was created. Partners from the Republic of Serbia participated in the realization of the project results, and in addition to the Universities of Novi Sad, Belgrade and Niš, the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, Public Policy Secretariat, Human Resources Management Service, Standing Conference of Townes and Municipalities, Foundation for the Development of Economic Science, SeConS Group for Development Initiative, as well as partners from abroad: King’s College London, United Kingdom, University of Paris-Est Creteil, France, University of Leiden, Netherlands and La 27E REGION, France.

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