Proposal of the regulation on the methodology of public policy management

05 / 02 / 2018

On 26 January 2018 the Public Policy Secretariat organised the second presentation of the Proposal of the Regulation on the Methodology of Public Policy Management, Policy and Regulatory Impact Assessment, and Content of Individual Public Policy Documents with the help of the GiZ project ‘Support for the Public Administration Reform’

The Regulation is a by-law envisaged in the provisions of the Law on the Planning System of the Republic of Serbia that is currently in the process of adoption in the National Assembly.

The presentation had been organised with a view to collecting from representatives of the civil society and the science community comments and suggestions for improving the text of the Regulation and the practices and solutions contained within.

Through adoption of these documents the system of public policies in the Republic of Serbia will be clearly set, and the tasks of all the entities that participate in the development and implementation of public policies will be established. Through public debates and public presentation of documents their adoption will be more transparent and open. In this way all the interested parties will have an opportunity to express their views.

Representatives of the civil society and the science community wanted to know whether adoption of the Law and the Regulation will create the need for new resources in the state administration, and whether the impact assessment will become a document that will be made available to the public together with the law proposal. The proposal was also brought up to gender mainstream public policy documents. The Public Policy Secretariat will continue to deliver trainings in regulatory impact assessment and to provide expert assistance in the drafting of these assessments in order to build up the capacities of civil servants to make the documents of responsible authorities more quality.

All the participants were asked to forward the presentation to their network of personal contacts and in the following period to forward their detailed and elaborated comments to the Proposal text, which the PPS will then examine.