PPS supports local self-government

06 / 02 / 2018

The 45th sitting of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) was held under the title of ‘Strategic Development of Local Self-Government’.

One of the main messages sent from the largest meeting of local self-governments in Serbia was that local authorities have the key role in the process of European integration, reforms and the relation with citizens, and that the SCTM in the most quality way connects the Government and local self-government units.

Beside the highest representatives of state administration bodies, government and non-governmental organisations and institutions, international organisations, the diplomatic corps and donor institutions, the sitting was attended by Jasna Atanasijevic, Acting Director of the Public Policy Secretariat. She presented the legal framework for the planning system of the Republic of Serbia, which is now in the parliamentary procedure after having been adopted by the Government.

At the panel entitled ‘Local Self-Government in Serbia 2020’ Ms Atanasijevic emphasised that in the period to come the Public Policy Secretariat (PPS) will be helping local self-governments in the domain of development. ‘Local self-governments are held accountable for numerous development objectives in fields such as economic growth, employment, education, health care etc., and are in a position to have the citizens’ feedback. However, none of these policies are fully defined at the local level. I believe there is major untapped room for better coordination there, and this is where the SCTM can have a significant role’, Ms Atanasijevic stressed.