Notification of the start of development of the draft programme for the simplification of administrative procedures and regulations – e-Paper for the period 2019-2020

22 / 02 / 2019

Pursuant to Article 32 of the Law on the Planning System of the Republic of Serbia (‘Official Gazette of the RS’, No. 30/18), the Public Policy Secretariat would like to notify the interested public that the development of the Draft Programme for the Simplification of Administrative Procedures and Regulations – e-PAPER for the period 2019-2020 (further in the text: Draft Programme) has started.

The Draft Programme elaborates on the objectives defined in the following public policy documents:

  • Strategy for Regulatory Reform and Improvement of the Public Policy Management System 2016-2020 (‘Official Gazette of the RS’, No. 8/16), Specific objective 3: Simplification of administrative procedures and establishment of the system for continuous measurement and monitoring of administrative costs of businesses and citizens;
  • Strategy for the Support to the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness 2015-2020 (‘Official Gazette of the RS’, No. 35/15), Pillar: Improvement of the business environment, Dimension 2: Enhanced efficiency of the implementation of administrative procedures;
  • National Programme for Countering Shadow Economy (‘Official Gazette of the RS’, No. 110/15), Specific objective 3: Reduction of administrative and parafiscal burden of businesses and citizens.

Taking into account objectives of these public policy documents, the Draft Programme recognises the reduction of administrative costs borne by the business sector as the overall objective that will be attained through the realisation of specific objectives, namely the optimisation and digitalisation of administrative procedures.

The plan is to include in the Draft Programme the action plan for its implementation in 2019 as well, together with the ‘first set’ of formulated recommendations for the optimisation of administrative procedures agreed with state bodies and organisations responsible for their realisation and resting on the results of focus groups and initiatives collected from the business sector (attached to this news).

The Public Policy Secretariat would like to invite the interested public to send their suggestions related to the content of the Draft Programme as well as proposals, objections and suggestions related to the ‘first set’ of recommendations for the optimisation of administrative procedures to the e-mail address:

Attachment – Recommendations for the optimisation of administrative procedures