New methodology for monitoring the labour market

25 / 12 / 2017

In the amphitheatre of the National Employment Service on 22 December a new methodology for monitoring the labour market services and active labour market measures was presented.

The new methodology is a major result produced within the Sub-component 4.2. of the Component 4 – Labour and employment of the Competitiveness and Jobs Project that is being realized in accordance with the Loan Agreement that the Republic of Serbia signed with the World Bank.

The new methodology that is to help the effectiveness of active employment measures was presented by Neda Milanovic and Milan Djuretanovic from the National Employment Service, and Prof. Dr Mihail Arandarenko, a Project consultant.

The new methodology is an advanced tool that enables policy creators to have a precise picture of all the costs and users of the services and labour market measures as the basis for evaluation of the net scores of programmes and for a further analysis of costs and benefits.

Given that the methodology rests on a consistent application of the Eurostat’s methodological guidelines on the statistics of labour market policies, a major result is also reflected in the fact that one can now compare the performances with other European countries that apply the same methodology.

Active participants in the presentation and the discussion that followed were representatives of the World Bank, ministries – Project beneficiaries, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, National Employment Service, consultants engaged for the Component 4, and the Public Policy Secretariat that acts as the coordinator of the overall Project.