01 / 07 / 2021

PPS Public policy innovation group organized a meeting of all participants of the Pilot Project "The kind of classroom I want", to celebratethe successful implementation of this innovative project.

All the participants and partners of the Pilot project gathered at the meeting. On that occasion, the PPS Director, Bojana Tošić and Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Milan Pašić, addressed the audience. They congratulated the children, teachers and principals of the participating schools on successfully implemented campaigns and they thanked all participants and project partners for their professional and dedicated work, and their willingness to implement innovative projects towards improved education in Serbia.

Over the two weeks of the campaign on the platform, potential donors had the opportunity to support children’s ideas for furnishing their classrooms, which were presented through children’s campaigns. The result exceeded expectations: the schools collected over 2.5 million dinars of donor funds using the crowdfunding model. Fundraising is just the end result of the children’s learning about entrepreneurship, their hard work with their teachers and their great desire to succeed in realizing their idea. This is also the greatest value and objective of the project.

More information about the campaigns is available via the link.

“Although the project is not completed as the equipment that the children asked for still remains to be procured, and reporting and project evaluation is still not over, I believe that we will successfully implement the remaining activities by October 2021. I also hope that we will implement new projects and expand this one, and that many more children of different age groups and their teachers will enjoy making their visions and wishes come true”, said Bojana Tošić.

The meeting took place on 29 June 2021 in Belgrade, at the MP’s Club (Klub Poslanika).