Handbook for Drafting Medium-term Plans of Local Self-Government Units

07 / 07 / 2022

With the support of the EU for Public Administration Reform Project under the Sector Reform Contract Project, the Public Policy Secretariat prepared a Handbook for the preparation of medium-term plans of local self-government units, in order to provide practical instructions to the officials employed in the cities and municipalities preparing medium-term plans, and contribute to a more efficient and effective production of those documents.

Medium-term plans are documents of great importance in the planning system of a local self-government unit, as they serve as a basis for monitoring of compliance with all priority goals determined in the development plan of a city or municipality. In addition, the medium-term plan enables an overview of all obligations of the local self-government unit in accordance with special regulations and public policy documents at both the national and local levels in a period of three years. The medium-term plan serves as a basis for setting development priorities for budget planning, thus enabling more efficient and transparent budget planning.

The handbook was prepared based on experience gained during the preparation of the first medium-term plans of local self-government units, and it also presents examples of good practice.