e-PAPER portal for the entrepreneurs

22 / 05 / 2018

Public Policy Secretariat, the coordinator of the ‘ePaper project: the reduction of administrative burden of the economy’, has created a unique spot for entrepreneurs to submit their proposals for the improvement or simplification of 2500 procedures, which were listed in the previous period by public administration bodies at the national level.

As of May 15, on the portal www.epapir.rsjp.gov.rs – we expect to receive information and opinions by the entrepreneurs and business associations – where and why entrepreneurs face the problems in their business, as well as the proposals which administrative procedures should be abolished or simplified.

Public Policy Secretariat has organized the meeting with the representatives of business associations and entrepreneurs in order to jointly summarize the benefits of the project and the next steps and at the same time to present a new portal for the entrepreneurs.

By the partnership relation between the economy and the public administration and active cooperation, the establishment of the Register of Administrative Procedures as the ultimate effect of E-Paper should be achieved, as a publicly available database and the business of entrepreneurs

a click away from the office. At the same time, the abolition of unnecessary procedures will be achieved, as well as the amendments of regulations in order to make the procedures simpler and economy burden free.

The benefit that the economy will immediately experience is the business predictability, which ensures legal certainty and minimizes the possibility of corruption. By the 2021, 500 procedures will be simplified, and the 100 most expensive, the most often and the most complicated procedures for permit issuance will be digitized.

We invite all the entrepreneurs, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to actively engage with the Government and public administration bodies in order to create a tailor made business environment!