e-PAPER on the level of province as well

08 / 04 / 2019

Since the beginning of April the Government’s Project ‘Simplification of Administrative Procedures and Regulations – e-Paper’ that aims to promote public services delivered to the business sector and reduction of business–related costs has been implemented in the AP of Vojvodina as well. On 4 April 2019 President of the Provincial Government Igor Mirović, Acting Director of the Public Policy Secretariat Bojana Tošić, and Lead of the GiZ Project ’Support to the Public Administration Reform in Serbia’ Aleksandra Hilbig met with representatives of all the provincial secretariats, the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, other public authorities, and the GiZ in the Assembly of the AP of Vojvodina to launch the e-Paper Project on the provincial level.

President of the Provincial Government introduced representatives of responsible institutions to the project and the need to promote public services, which altogether results in a better business environment and a higher standard of living of citizens. He also underlined the need for a tighter cooperation of provincial institutions with the PPS as the project’s coordinator.

Acting Director of the PPS Bojana Tošić presented work results achieved through the abolishment of redundant and simplification of complex administrative procedures so far. She emphasised that through the elimination of M4 and MUN forms and the flour stamps only the business sector has saved as much as 30 million euros in 2019. A base of almost 2,500 administrative procedures has been developed, while the simplification and abolishment plan has been prepared for 600 of them. By the end of the year the first 30 procedures will have been digitalized. The joint work of national and provincial authorities will continue through the cataloguing and simplification of procedures in the AP of Vojvodina, the ultimate objective of which is to create a more efficient, secure, and transparent business environment.

Bojana Tošić stressed that she was looking forward to future collaboration and the achievement of objectives that will disburden businessmen and civil servants on a huge scale and be key to the creation of better business conditions in Serbia.

The realisation of the e-Paper Project on the level of the AP of Vojvodina is supported by the German Organisation for Development Cooperation – GiZ.