Draft Economic Reform Programme (ERP) 2023 -2025

10 / 01 / 2023

Draft Economic Reform Programme (ERP) 2023 -2025 will be made available to the public online, via the websites of the Ministry of Finance and the Public Policy Secretariat from 12 to 26 December 2022.

The draft document presents an overview of the macro-economic situation and monetary policy prepared in coordination by the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank of Serbia. A chapter of the document presents structural reforms with significant impact in removing obstacles to economic growth and development, as well as strengthening the competitiveness of the economy in the following three-year period, prepared in coordination by the Ministry of Finance and the Public Policy Secretariat.

In accordance with the guidelines of the European Commission, structural reforms are organized within thirteen areas, in order to provide a broad overview of social and economic challenges. These areas include: public finance management, green transition, digital transformation, business environment and reduction of grey economy, research, development and innovation, economic integration reforms, energy market reforms, transport market reforms, agriculture, industry and services, education and skills, employment and labour market, social protection and inclusion and health care. Within the mentioned areas, three key challenges were singled out: Increasing employment, especially of the young, women and vulnerable groups and social protection against poverty, creating a more favourable business environment for investments as well as greening the power sector and full energy market opening.

After the previously created preliminary list of structural reforms, additional interdepartmental consultations were carried out, and this Draft resulted in a total of 22 reforms. In order to ensure the widest possible consensus during the selection and creation of priority structural reforms during the process of document drafting, consultations with civil society organizations are envisaged, on which a separate annex to the ERP 2023-2025 document will be prepared.

All interested parties may submit their comments and suggestions on the Draft Economic Reform Programme erp@mfin.gov.rs no later than 26 December 2022 to the following email:

As a reminder, as a candidate country for the EU membership, in its pre-accession period, the Republic of Serbia annually prepares a document called the Economic Reforms Program on annual basis. This is a strategic document for planning economic policy and managing reforms, which are key to improving competitiveness and encouraging new jobs, facilitating social inclusion, as well as for meeting the economic criteria in the EU accession process.

The latest ERP 2022-2024 document, as well as the Recommendations of the ECOFIN Council from May 2022 are available at:

ERP 2022- 2024.

Economic and Financial Affairs Council recommendations

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Draft Economic Reform Programme (ERP) 2023 -2025

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