BiH delegation on a visit to the PPS

06 / 02 / 2018

Representatives of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska, and the Brcko District paid the PPS a visit.

The visit had been initiated by Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the project entitled ‘Strengthening Capacities for Strategic Planning and Policy Development’ (SPPD II) with a view to learning about good practices in the processes of coordination and planning within the public administration reform in the Republic of Serbia.

Jasna Atanasijevic, Acting Director of the PPS with her team used the opportunity to present innovations in the approach and work culture of the Serbian state administration, and the results of reform activities.

Colleagues from BiH acquainted themselves with the Strategy for Regulatory Reform and Improvement of the Public Policy Management System, the Proposal of the Law on the Planning System of the Republic of Serbia, and the IT support system for planning and management; the role and the function of the Secretariat, and the methodological, analytical and coordination support that the PPS provides to the Government and state administration bodies. The BiH delegation also visited the General Secretariat of the Government.

The exchange of experiences with the BiH delegation continued during the working lunch. The working lunch was attended by Zoran Perkovic, a representative of the BiH embassy in Belgrade, as well as colleagues from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of European Integration, and the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Common topics and similar challenges opened numerous initiatives and possibilities for further regional cooperation and exchange of experiences.

Additionally, the public administration reform together with the rule of law and economic governance is one of the priorities set out in the Enlargement Strategy of the European Union for all EU candidate countries. Thus the meeting created new possibilities for cooperation with the aim of establishing standards of economic governance and administrative standards in strategic planning.