A Road to Better Decisions: Manual for Managers in e-Format

27 / 09 / 2019

Public Policy Secretariat published a manual for managers that offers support and guidance in application of the Law on Planning System. The manual is made for a wide group of managers, on all three levels of government – national, provincial and local self-government. Its structure includes both the decision-making of top managerial positions and the one of line managers.

The content of the manual is practical and focuses on topics such as: what data managers need to obtain in order to make optimal and evidence-based decisions. You will also find tools for the quality assessment of collected data and analysis. These tools help us estimate, if collected data are applicable and sufficient for a particular public policy decision. Moreover, the manual lists novelties that the Law on Planning System brings, like drafting a policy concept and development of an Unified information system for planning, monitoring and coordination of public policies.

The publication of the manual for managers was supported by the German-Serbian development cooperation project Support to Public Administration Reform in Serbia, implemented GIZ.