12 / 06 / 2023

On Tuesday, May 18 2023, the UAE delegation of the Executive Council of the Dubai emirate visited the Public Policy Secretariat of the Government of the Republic of Serbia to exchange experience and information on effective management and development of public policies. The visit took place as a part of an official visit to the Republic of Serbia primarily with the aim to present the competences of the Secretariat and discuss key topics.

One of the important topics discussed was the planning system of the Republic of Serbia. Deputy Director Sanja Mešanović presented the planning system of the RS together with many examples and experience of good practice related to the planning system planning and implementation, together with its necessary connection with the budget, i.e. sources of financing. The topics discussed included how to effectively organize the process of inter-institutional cooperation, and the Deputy Director presented the process and coordination within the Action Plan for the Implementation of the Government Programmes, as well as how to ensure good planning, how to improve cooperation between different levels of government and how to ensure transparency and fairness of the planning system.

In addition to the general framework of the planning system, the Register for administrative procedures was also presented as an important tool in the list of administrative procedures, aimed at their simplification, both for the businesses and for citizens. Other important topic of discussion included consultations as well as the regulatory impact assessment and public policy documents impact assessment.

H.E. Abdullah Mohammed Al Basti, the head of the delegation was particularly interested in the PPS’ support to the proposers of public policy documents, as well as the planning system framework. Deputy Director Sanja Mešanović emphasized the importance of providing methodological and mentoring support to all proposers and emphasized the importance of PPS in this matter. The Head of the Department for International Cooperation, European Integration and Projects, Jelena Mujčinović, emphasized the importance of the Law on the Planning System and accompanying regulations and noted that this is the actual framework providing the same rights and obligations to everyone.

In conclusion, the prospects and importance of further communication and cooperation on all issues was highlighted.