21 / 06 / 2021

Detailed, accurate, and precise information about 1,600 plus public administration procedures available for all users in one place link.

Business environment in which domestic businessmen operate can be burdened with obstacles that are often invisible when starting a business. Obtaining a licence can be complicated and insufficiently transparent. Finding information about procedures, necessary documents, requests and deadlines, as well as data essential for making a decision can be very time-consuming. The information is not always publicly available, or updated and stored in one place. Errors that can consequently occur in the process of documentation, such as incomplete document files or inadequate documents furnished, an inadequate sum of charge paid, etc. are most likely. With the establishment of the Registry your time will be saved and efficiency of public administration boosted, while the business environment will be made more secure and predictable.

The Registry offers online information about all procedures that interested parties can find in just a few mouse clicks and without having to go to various counters. On choosing a specific procedure, they will get all the latest and accurate information in one place – about the required documents, sums they need to pay, the account to which to make the payment, how and when they can submit their request forms, etc. Request forms can also be found in the Registry, and downloaded and filled in electronically. It is important one uses Cyrillic script for a quick search of information about procedures.

Through the Registry one can launch electronic services for the business sector at the eGovernment Portal, and that for digitalised services. In this way with only a mouse click one can access a digital request at the eGovernment Portal, submit the request and attach necessary documents quickly and easily, while the responsible institution will without any delay prepare an electronic decision and deliver it to the client’s electronic mailbox at the eGovernment Portal.

So far 27 services of the Tobacco Directorate and the Plant Protection Directorate have been made available. In the following period the number of services will be much higher – there will be services of the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, and Veterinary Directorate.