The ‘Modern Policy Approaches’ Conference

04 / 06 / 2018

The Public Policy Secretariat of the Republic of Serbia marked its fourth anniversary in the company of friends and partners who gathered for the ‘Modern Policy Approaches’ conference organised on the occasion.

During several panel discussions and creative workshops participants had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with new modern practices of public policy creation that are efficiently in place in some European countries.

Experts from public administration, civil society organisations, the academia, and the business community gained a more profound insight into and experience of: designer thinking about public policies, behavioural approaches, public policy laboratories, identification of positive deviations, and urban innovations.

The birthday gathering served to promote new tendencies when it comes to the advancement of development of public policies centred on a more efficient usage of public resources and citizens’ needs. The PPS managed to organise the event with the support of the German Corporation for International Cooperation – GiZ.

Over the past 4 years the Public Policy Secretariat of the Republic of Serbia through its reformist way of work and results has been building: a new image of public administration, a participative approach to the public policy management, a better business environment, a higher quality of regulations and public policy documents, its own identity, and its credibility as the central institution of the Government.