PPS – a winner of the ‘Cultural model’ prize

27 / 12 / 2018

In 2018 the Ministry of Culture and Information for the first time awarded the ‘Cultural Model’ prize to institutions and individuals who worked devotedly in the field of culture.

The Public Policy Secretariat was among the ten institutions and twenty-two individuals who received the prize. The PPS earned the prize for its fruitful work on the improvement of the quality of public policy documents in the area of culture and for its contribution to the development of culture and cultural heritage of the Republic of Serbia. The prize was presented to PPS Director Bojana Tosic by Minister for Culture Vladan Vukosavljevic.

On the occasion Mr Vukosavljevic said that ‘a symbolical, but sincere gratitude has evolved into a prize under the name of ‘Cultural Model’, and all these institutions and individual enthusiasts could be ‘cultural role models’ in their respective professional domains’.

The prize has the following quote of Slobodan Jovanovic written on it: ‘The culture gives renown and moral superiority which win basically unnoticed and without facing any resistance.’