ePAPER reform results in 2023

26 / 02 / 2024

The aim of the Simplification of Administrative Procedures and Regulations Programme called ePAPER is raising the quality of services of state administration as well as their optimization, digitalization and standardization, to secure modern services provided by state bodies, tailored to the needs of citizens and the businesses.

The Public Policy Secretariat prepares an annual report on the implemented activities envisaged under the ePAPIR Programme. In 2023, as much as 42 procedures under the competence of 19 bodies and organizations were optimized. At the same time, 36 procedures under the competence of 5 state administration bodies were digitalized. The total savings for businesses and citizens achieved through optimization and digitalization amount to 89 million dinars.

In the coming year, the Public Policy Secretariat also continues to follow the latest trends in the development and provision of services, in cooperation with more than 120 institutions and organizations, and in partnership with the businesses. The Register of Administrative Procedures Portal has available information on more than 3100 services for the businesses and citizens, and we herewith invite the interested portal users to submit their proposals for amending or abolishing inefficient regulations or procedures via the link.