2023 – 2026 Action Plan for the implementation of the Government Program Adopted

03 / 03 / 2023

The Action Plan for the implementation of the Government Program (APIGP) for 2023 – 2026 was adopted at the Government session held on 23 February 2023

The APGIP is an operational document of the Government prepared for more efficient achieving of the planned results. It was established as an instrument for monitoring the implementation of the Government Program, by further elaborating the Program priorities the through priority objectives that the Government wants to achieve during the mandate. Those objectives are grouped into the following priority areas:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Innovations and the digital age
  3. Development
  4. A fairer society

The achievement of objectives or the results contributing to their achievement is monitored based on determined indicators and target values.

Regular meetings are planned in the following period to discuss progress in the realization of objectives and results, as well as solutions for possible challenges and obstacles in their realization.

Established in 2015, this mechanism represents an efficient method of the state administration and the Government for managing public policies based on facts and data, in order to improve the strategic management system.

APSPV was prepared by the Public Policy Secretariat in cooperation with state administration bodies and it is available for downloading here.