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Innovation and engagement

26 / 12 / 2017

The Public Policy Secretariat has launched a pilot project entitled ‘Innovation and Engagement’ in collaboration with the UNDP

The Public Policy Secretariat has launched a pilot project entitled ‘Innovation and Engagement’ in collaboration with the UNDP. The pilot project marks the beginning of the process of consultations with the business sector in connection with regulations and procedures that burden their operations and means of overcoming these obstacles. The pilot stage of the project will last three months. As part of the piloting stage a portal has been designed and launched that will serve as a forum for communication with the sector of ICT (information and communications technology) and digital technologies, in particular with start-up enterprises in this sphere of business. Through the portal economic entities that belong to this sector can point to all the obstacles they come across in their daily operations and thus contribute to Government’s efforts to reduce the overall administrative burden and costs of operations, and stimulate the business efficiency of companies. The design and maintenance of the portal is funded by the UNDP in the Republic of Serbia, it has been built by YourPriorities from Iceland, and is supported by the Democratic Society from the United Kingdom.

The main objective of the launching of the project has been to: make a simple and practical model the results of which could at a later stage be built into a single public registry of administrative procedures and other conditions for doing business (whose establishment has started with the preparation of the inventory of all administrative procedures that relate to the business sector), trigger some expectations with target groups as regards their participation in the work of administration on facilitation of the doing business, and obtain information that will serve as the starting point for the prioritisation of activities aimed at detection and simplification or abolishment of all the redundant regulations and procedures. In other words, the initial idea and the aim of the project has been to collect from businessmen some ideas for further enhancement of the business environment, obtain from them information that will either confirm or disprove the knowledge of already detected obstacles and problems in doing business, and establish a completely innovative way of communication that differs from the usual ones.

As the Republic of Serbia does not have an electronic system for the collection of proposals for simplification and optimisation of administrative procedures, i.e. elimination of the administrative burden that is simple, user-friendly, innovative, and in line with the modern-day need for fast communication, the portal that the Public Policy Secretariat has launched as part of the project is therefore a pioneering work. The link to the portal is:

The pilot project is altogether meant to be a test of an innovative way of participation and of a process of consultations for the development of a Single registry of administrative procedures and other business conditions. The project is also expected to contribute to the promotion of procedures that hamper the growth of digital industry. It is possible that the project framework be expanded to other areas once the piloting period expires (on 31 January 2017) or remodeled to be an interactive forum for initiatives.