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Competitive industries and innovation – Serbia competitiveness

30 / 11 / 2017

The World Bank through its programme ‘CIIP Competitive Industries and Innovation Program – Serbia Competitiveness’ helps to improve the competitiveness of the Republic of Serbia

The World Bank through its programme ‘CIIP Competitive Industries and Innovation Program – Serbia Competitiveness’ helps to improve the competitiveness of the Republic of Serbia through the strengthening of institutions involved in public policy coordination, result-based management, and investment and export promotion. The main activities of this project are grouped under two components: the Component 1 is centred on development of the interdepartmental system for result-based planning, monitoring and coordination of public policies in areas of competitiveness and jobs, and the Component 2 is centred on strengthening the institutions in charge of investment and export promotion. Activities planned within these components will be implemented by the PPS and line ministries, and this will strengthen their capacities for the creation, monitoring, and evaluation of public policies in competitiveness and jobs.

The system for result-based management will be set up, i.e. implemented at two levels: through the Interdepartmental Working Body for Planning, Monitoring and Coordination of Public Policies in Competitiveness and Jobs that is coordinated by the PPS, and through Internal Project Implementation Units formed in other beneficiaries of the programme, and they are the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development (the Innovation Fund), and the National Employment Service (in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs). Representatives of these ministries will take part in the work of the above mentioned interdepartmental working body as well. Within the first project component the PPS will receive technical assistance for the establishment of the result-based management system and for managing the work of the Interdepartmental Working Body.

The envisaged project duration is April 2015-July 2017. The project will be funded through the CIIP Trust Fund and implemented by the World Bank.